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Motivated by Mother Nature's pleas & a social media campaign that raised $23M for trees...

Ecopreneurs can now make a Sustainable Income & Impact with The Platform for Our Planet 🌎

Earn 10x more 💰 as a Share2Seed Ecopreneur 🧑‍🎤 & help sustain the real Amazon 🌳 

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  • Destructive Ways 
  • ​Unhealthy Pollution
  • ​One-Time Donors
  • ​Annoying Ads
  • Pay-Per-Post or Sale
  • ​Producing Premiums
  • Geo-Engineering
  • ​Planting Trees Randomly
  • ​Backup Planets
  • ​Net-Zero by 2050


  • Sustainable Ways
  • ​Sustainable Solutions
  • Sustaining Supporters
  • ​United Communities
  • ​Pay-Per-Subscriber
  • Premiums Provided
  • Natural Solutions
  • ​Restoring Local Ecology
  • ​Saving Our Planet
  • ​Accelerate ASAP
Join The Mission Today for a “Cleaner, Greener, World”. 
Enjoy Sustainable Income to Sustain Our Environment.
We all need nature for food, water, and air. Yet Mother Nature has been damaged with air pollution, deforestation, dirty water systems, food degradation, and widespread fires. Mother Nature needs our help to undo the damage. Imagine a world where you posted on social media and got paid recurring income for helping cleanup the planet. Now you can do just that by joining our social environmental community.
Described as a "Clever and Game-Changing Cause Marketing Model" by an Eco-Org CEO.
Revenue is Shared 3-Ways
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How it works

Fun Solution-Focused Sustainability Community, Education, Events, Impact and Income

 1. Create your Share2Seed Ambassador affiliate account.
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 2. Copy your Share link, then Paste it into Your Social Media.
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 3. Create content to motivate followers to join our mission.
create pro-nature content
 4. Grow your monthly recurring sustainable income
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 5. Seed fund impact initiatives with eco-orgs
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 6. Learn and grow your impact with caring community
create pro-nature content
Eva Petruzziello
Share2Seed is a step in the right direction for the good of our world! It allows me to connect with the eco-community and leverage my business. As a fellow ecopreneur, I support businesses like Share2seed which allow us to work towards our global goal of net-zero carbon emissions.
- Eva Petruzziello, owner of sustainable living website Simple n' Delight
Stephanie Seferian
The climate disaster is here, and the planet needs eco-conscious influencers now more than ever. As a podcaster and author, I love that Share2Seed makes it easy for me to focus on my ethical and eco-conscious message. Thanks to Share2Seed, I'm able to live my passion and generate recurring income, all while doing my part to help the planet.
- Stephanie Seferian, host of the Sustainable Minimalists podcast and author of Sustainable Minimalism 
Stephanie Seferian
Many businesses are finding that deep commitment to environmental and social justice builds loyalty among customers AND employees, reduces price resistance, and turns those loyal fans into your unpaid marketing team — resulting in higher income, lower costs, and higher profit.
- Shel Horowitz, Founder of Going Beyond Sustainability and primary author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World
Nandor Barta
Share2Seed's a great idea. I'm in the electronics recycling industry in Silicon Valley. We are very concerned about the environment, not because of e-waste, but also plastic, clothing, and other pollutants. We do our part, but it's still not enough. The financial side of this is also interesting, because most smaller recycling companies operate on small margins.  Overall, I'm very interested.
- Evelyn O'Donnell, Green Mouse Recycling
Nandor Barta
We should welcome every opportunity that help save our planet. People tend to underestimate the tremendous job trees do to keep our environment clean and liveable. Share2Seed is more than just another plant-a-tree project. What it does is incentivizes you and motivates you to keep doing more. Every move we make in the right direction will help move our Earth in the right direction.
- Nandor Barta, Founder of Eco Lodges Anywhere, an eco-tourism directory
We need nature for food, water, and air. 
Mother Nature needs our help to undo our damage.
Join us in making the world a better place.